Use CRM Retargeting to Connect with Past Holiday Shoppers

This holiday shopping season is off to an exciting start. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday online purchasing at an all time high, consumer sentiment is on the rise and companies are actively reaching out to customers with their latest and greatest holiday product offerings. Looking to utilize retargeting as a part of your digital marketing strategy this year? CRM Retargeting can help deliver ads to your past holiday shoppers.

CRM retargeting allows you to serve online display ads to users from your offline database using solely their email or postal address. The most valuable customers are those who have already shopped with you and have experienced your product first hand. After a positive experience, these shoppers are the most likely to return for new and improved products.

For many retailers, a large portion of customers are seasonal. These customers will not return to the site until they begin next year's holiday shopping. CRM Retargeting is not time sensitive, allowing you to engage those who may not have visited your site in last six months. As the number of online purchases continues to rise, CRM Retargeting is a great way to connect with those buyers who now spend their time online. Furthermore, adding CRM retargeting to your marketing toolbox will help compliment your direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

CRM Retargeting is also highly complimentary to your other targeting and retargeting efforts. Integrate your marketing efforts this year and start connecting with your offline database online.  Want to learn more? Email

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