Let The Hacking Begin! Hackweek Fall Kick-Off

It only comes around once a quarter! Hackweek is back again and LiveRamp is ready and excited to get busy hacking. Hackweek originated as an opportunity for all members of the LiveRamp team to work on a project of their choosing, typically a challenge or project outside of their daily tasks that they’ve been wanting to work on.

It’s amazing what one can accomplish in a week dedicated to collaboration, a full 24 hours devoted to coding, and an unlimited supply of Red Bull. Many of our team members have been known to sleep in the office to make sure they get done in time to present to the team on Friday. The creative wheels are turning and we’ve got some great projects lined up for our fall Hackweek. Past undertakings range from building open source projects, improving our internal systems, and have even sparked ideas for new company products. A few highlights from hacks-past include creating a publisher dashboard, building Grocerly-- an internal voting system for office groceries, building conference Roominators,and a variety of other challenging projects.

Hackweek is off to a great start with today’s kickoff BBQ. More to come later this week, be sure to check back this Friday for an update on this quarters Hackweek projects!


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